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Why not invest in Reputation Matters’ Training Sessions for you and your team?

Reputation Matters offers various information sessions to maximise your business communication. Why not contact us today to see what communication solutions we can offer you and your team?

Media Training 101

During the Media Training 101 session we will guide you through the basics of understanding the media world. Control the media and you will control your reputation.

The two hour introductory session provides an overview of:

  • How the media industry works
  • The role of the Communication (PR) Department (it’s not just about parties and promotions!)
  • Print, radio and television media
  • Media etiquette, e.g. how to interact with journalists
  • Also ask us about our full day practical media training session.

For more information on our Media Training 101 click here.

Business Communication Explained

Not seeing the bang for your PR buck? During the session we will guide you with how to maximise your relationship with your communication / PR agency, as well as giving you tips on what questions to ask if you are considering investing in one. We cover the following during the session:

  • What are the five key things you should consider when investing in a communication agency?
  • A big organisation or small agency?
  • Should the communication function be outsourced or kept in house?
  • How do you measure whether your communication initiatives are successful?
  • How much should I be paying for PR?

For more information on our Business Communication Explained session click here.

Making a Sustainable Social Difference

Tired of giving hand outs? During this thought provoking corporate social investment session, we focus on the importance of the development of emotional intelligence and how we can all make a socially sustainable difference:

  • Why is corporate social investment important other than fulfilling legislative requirements?
  • What is the difference between social entrepreneurship and the NGO model?
  • When should a company start looking at social investment projects?
  • Where to start when it comes to investing in socially responsible projects?
  • The A2B Transformation Methodology: How is it different?

For more information on our CSI session click here.

Motivated for Success

Across industries it is well known that positive attitudes generate success! The following is included in the financial management session for your organisation’s key- and management level personnel:

  • An energetic and vibrant presentation guaranteed to motivate your key personnel to, in turn generate success
  • Insightful information regarding personal financial planning
  • Guaranteed understanding with regards to what is offered in the market and what to look out for

For more information on the Motivated for Success session click here.

For more information on Reputation Matters please contact 011 317 3861 (Jhb)  or  021 790 0208 (Cpt) or email

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