Internal Communication

Employees play a vital role in the reputation of an organisation, very often this is where the reputation of an organisation starts, as their daily perceptions and interactions are communicated to other stakeholders not necessarily directly associated to the organisation.

For the first time ever, there are four generations that need to be communicated to in organisations. Do you know how best to get your message across to the different people within your organisation?

Let us help you to refine your internal communication strategies and activities to take your organisation’s reputation to the next level.

We can also assist you with your change management requirements.

Effective, timeous and relevant communication to all the stakeholders that will be affected by the change is pivotal for an organisation’s corporate reputation. Whilst communication does not make change happen, it can reinforce, guide and help overcome negativity or misunderstanding as change occurs. A communication strategy is often a useful way to plan a total approach to communicating to stakeholders, especially employees in times of change.

Reputation Matters has skilled change consultants who will guide your organisation through any change. We will analyse the environment, establish the impact of the change, and determine the most effective method of communicating the change to each of the stakeholders. Quick wins will be celebrated during the change to build and maintain momentum throughout the process. Reputation Matters will guide your organisation to have the continuous capacity to adapt and change.


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