Reputation Management with On-Target Crisis Communication

In any organization, crises are inevitable and can seriously interrupt business and damage reputation. If not monitored properly or addressed decisively, the adverse consequences to your brand image can be devastating and irrecoverable. The best way to deal with such unforeseen situations is to be well prepared for any emergency. Through crisis communication and reputation management, you can ensure that when disaster strikes, operational response will not break down. Stakeholders will be kept informed in order to maintain transparency, clear communication and avoid frustration, confusion and any other negative reactions stemming from the crisis. You will also protect your organization from being perceived as inept and preserve the brand credibility that you’ve worked so diligently to build.

Crisis communication and reputation management are the most effective tools for dealing with problematic situations in any environment. Whether it’s an operational, human resource, legal or social dilemma you’re facing in the workplace, a proactive and effective response is still vital. Identifying a crisis communication team is one way a company can be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. The team can consist of several senior executives identified as the organization’s “crisis communication team”. The CEO of the company, together with the public relations executive and legal counsel can lead the team.

Once a crisis communication team is in place, there must be a spokesperson for the team. It is important to have a pool of potential spokespersons and have them trained well in advance. Spokespersons will need to be skilled in handling a variety of communications, both external and internal, in meetings with stakeholders, the public and employees.

Anticipating crises can prepare you to manage and maintain your reputation. A good crisis communication plan can save the reputation of your organization in a short space of time if well executed. With an effective communication plan in place and a capable spokesperson, any organization can protect their hard-earned reputation. If there is no one in the organization with experience in crisis communication, the services of a reputable agency or consultant, specializing in crisis communication, will be most ideal.

Reputation Matters is a strategic corporate reputation consultancy, with expertise in creating clear, adaptable and result-orientated crisis communication strategies. In business, reputation is what matters, and with our reputation management skills, we can assure you of maximum preparedness in the face of crisis. Call us now!

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