Reputation Management for Various Crises Part III

Crisis management is an important aspect of reputation management. Certain companies are passionate about how their organisation is perceived by the public. They value their branding and pride themselves in ethical and honest behaviour. They often also spend a great deal of money on communication strategies for media liaison to maintain their impeccable reputation. Companies also employ individuals with expertise in public relations to communicate the organisations statements to the public when faced with a crisis.

We have already determined that if a crisis is caused by an unforeseeable event such as an earthquake or flood it is a natural crisis. All the other crises an organisation may be faced with are generally acts brought upon by individuals. The employees of the organisation may cause a crisis in the case of a confrontational crisis or by the management of the organisation through an organisational misdeed crisis. When the information technology fails and organisation, this is known as a technological crisis.

When false information is spread about an organisation, these rumours can have a devastating effect on the reputation of a company. An organisation will have to have a communication plan in place to answer any questions the media or public may have relating to the negative information. The crisis management plan in this case may include substantiating the companies’ claims that this information is indeed incorrect. This may be done by providing evidence to validate these facts during media liaison.
Organisations that find themselves in financial turmoil may be faced with another crisis, namely bankruptcy. Sometimes companies do not share this information with the public and leave them rather frantic and angry depending on the nature of the business. The company will eventually have to face the music so to say and have a communication plan ready for any media appearances and interviews.

Sometimes unforeseeable events bring on a sudden crisis within an organisation. Usually these crises occur so rapidly that the stakeholders within the organisation may not have enough time to put an effective communication strategy in place. Usually when this occurs an organisation will employ the services of an external company specialising in reputation management to deal with the crisis.

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