Reputation Management for Various Crises Part II

The majority of organisations take their reputation management very seriously and have a dedicated public relations officer to communicate their response in the event of a crisis. We have already determined that there are numerous types of crises an organisation may encounter, such as a natural crisis, a technological crisis and a confrontation crisis.

When the senior management or shareholders of an organisation make unwise decisions which could knowingly have harmful effects on the organisation, it is known as an organisational misdeed crisis. The nature of the crisis can further be divided into three sections namely skewed management values, deception and the misconduct of management. These crises are generally unexpected as they may be concealed from other stakeholders, employees and customers for a long period of time before they become known. An organisation may prefer to give out a press release and may refuse any media liaison whilst determining a communication strategy going forward.

When the management of an organisation is only interested in short term gains and fails to consider larger concerns a skewed management crisis may be evident. The public my lose trust in an organisation when the values it portrayed are misleading. The reputation of the organisation may also be at stake.

In the case of management misconduct an organisation may also face a crisis. This is when the senior management of an organisation discloses confidential information or takes part in illegal activities such as accepting bribes. An organisation needs to deal with these sorts of criminal matters swiftly with an active reputation management team in order to regain the trust of stakeholders.

When an organisation deliberately deceives or hides information from the public, employees or various shareholders and this becomes known at a later stage, a crisis of deception may occur. Organisations will have to implement a crisis management plan reconstruct the reputation which may now appear questionable.

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