Reputation Management for Various Crises Part I

The manner in which an organisation deals with a crisis largely depends on how seriously they feel about managing their reputation. There are numerous types of crises that can affect an organisation in a negative manner. The nature of a crisis may be similar, like a product failure for example, however not all organisations will react in a similar manner. The seriousness of a crisis will also affect the manner in which an organisation responds to a crisis.

A crisis management plan or strategy is very important. It should be in place before a crisis strikes and should be pre-determined by every organisation. As all crises differ, the crisis management plan should be easily adaptable to meet the necessities of the current crisis situation.

Crises can be divided into various categories. A natural crisis is caused by a natural disaster. Although a crisis of this nature cannot be prevented, all organisations must have policies and procedures in place for an effective communication strategy during or after a crisis. The stakeholders and public need to be informed of the necessary precautions and post-crises action they have prepared.

A crisis that is caused by a technological failure is called a technological crisis. Organisations that rely on various forms of technology, such as computer programs or online facilities need to have a crisis management plan ready to manage these sorts of crises. A technological crisis can swiftly be dealt with through reputation management online if the organisation already has a strategy in place.

When employees of an organisation disagree and violence and misbehaviour is evident, a confrontation crisis takes place. The perception of an organisation changes when an organisation cannot manage their employees, forcing disputes within the organisation. The manner in which the company deals with these disruptions may hinder the reputation of the company. If these situations are dealt with swiftly, a crisis may be prevented.

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