Combat Negativity with Online Reputation Management

The positive reputation of an organisation takes years to build up through effective communication strategies, ethical company procedures and professional public relations practices, however this reputation that an established and trustworthy organisation has maintained over the years can unfortunately be destroyed in a matter of hours or days through negative publicity.

This may leave the shareholders and senior management worried and potential customers apprehensive of using the services provided by the organisation. In order for a company to combat negativity online it is best to seek the advice of a reputable team of professionals that specialise in reputation management.

One or two negative comments about an organisation online are to be expected – it is how the organisation responds to these comments that may actually be the turning point in recovering a damaged reputation. Of course things do not always go the way one wants them to and people are indeed just human after all. It is when these negative comments and complaints increase and intensify that a serious reputation intervention may be necessary.

Companies that specialise in reputation management have years of experience and strategic methods in which they eradicate negative publicity on the internet, therefore it may be better to leave this intricate process to them. They will respond to these comments using a specialised crisis management strategy or communication plan in extreme cases.

One of manners in which a reputation management team may attempt to eliminate negativity online will be to stamp out the negative comments on search engines by constantly promoting the organisation in a positive light. This may be through positive blog posts or comments on social media networks. It may increase the links to and appearance of positive aspects of the company on search engines and in turn push the negative comments off the first few search engine results.

When negative comments appear on social media networks, it is imperative for the online reputation management team or public relations officer of the organisation to respond to them in good time with the correct and necessary information using an acceptable tone and dialogue that accurately represents the business’ ethics.

Organisations should not only rely on professionals to manage their company’s reputation in times of trouble – it is important for organisations to constantly strive to conserve the highly regarded reputation they possess and to maintain it on a daily basis.

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