Media Training for Effective Public Relations

Skilful media liaison during an interview that may be broadcast or published over a dozen of various channels such as TV, radio or print is very important for many organisations. Unfortunately a number of individuals are not familiar with communicating in this manner and for this reason may want to undergo media training to improve their public relations skills.

One needs to remember that conducting a media interview is very different to having a casual conversation, and often there is little or no room for error. When an interview is done for media purposes a large amount of editing takes place and this could be problematic if you are not able provide clear and concise information spontaneously.

If you struggle to verbally convey information and fumble and fidget this could portray an undesirable image of your organisation. This could also damage your organisations reputation and mediocre public relations could deter stakeholders from doing business with you.

Presentation is key when making a media appearance. One should always be neatly presented and well dressed for the occasion. If you attend a media training workshop they will also be able to advise you which colours work well on TV, which clothing items to avoid and so forth. The body language you use during media liaison will say a great deal about you and your business before you even say a word. The correct posture, facial expression and hand gestures – if applicable – will go a long way when communicating to the media.

Media training will also help you convey a confident disposition, give concise answers to questions and appear approachable to the public – which will contribute to the reputation management of an established organisation. When correctly executed, medial liaison can work wonders for your organisation and is an excellent platform to convey various aspects of your business. Positive exposure of your company through the media can help to build brand awareness and instil confidence from stakeholders and the public.

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