Communication Strategy – Three Important Aspects

An effective communication strategy is often seen as the cornerstone of the reputation management of an organisation. When properly carried out, a well thought out communication strategy can and will do wonders for your business or your brand. A communication strategy is therefore an internal document or memo that has been crafted to facilitate an array of communications to a number of stakeholders. These maybe investors, consumer s or even the staff within an organisation. A communication strategy is therefore the basic framework from which further communications for public relations, media liaison, press releases or internal communications are formed within organisation.

Apart from having to draw up a communication budget, there are three very important aspects of a communication strategy which need to be ascertained before the communication plan is put into place.

Firstly, the organisation will have to determine why they are communicating. Are they trying to promote the company or raise awareness of the organisation or brand? Will they simply be distributing informationto their stakeholders? Is the organisation perhaps trying to communicate in a different manner compared to a communication strategy which was in place previously? Is the organisation using their communication plan to gather information and get customer feedback or opinions and so forth?

Secondly, the company has to determine who they will be communicating to. It is imperative to determine who the audience of the communication is, in order to address each appropriately. You would, for example not communicate to high profile clients or stakeholders in the same manner you would communicate the same or similar message to your employees. The amount of information each audience receives in the communication will also differ and this must be determined in an effective communication strategy in order to relay the message effectively.

Thirdly, the method used to communicate the above will have to be determined. Will the communication be sent in an email, a press release, a tweet on Twitter, a post on Facebook or a blog post? The method of communication will also influence the manner in which the communication or part thereof is conveyed. It will also influence how the communication strategy is customised for each medium and the dialect also naturally be dependent on the audience.

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