Fhulufhelani Nekhavhambe | Account Manager

Fhulu has a keen interest in Public Relations, Communications, Marketing and Advertising. Fhulu’s strength lies in her management of projects, client liaison, event and media management, having gained much experience in the Tertiary Education sector, Travel and Tourism, Health Care and the Waste Management Industries. Other projects that Fhulu has been involved with, include – Public Sector communications, Government, Social Media, and various information technology projects.

Fhulu is a focused young lady, committed and constantly striving to do her best for clients letting no obstacle stand in her way of delivering results beyond expectations.
“My hunger to succeed both for the agency and the various clients is what drives me on a daily basis. I am passionate about health, fashion, beauty, social media, lifestyle, travel and tourism. My team’s creativity and constant evolution of new media technology inspires me as it continues to simplify communication.”

Fhulu is driven by the exciting and creative ways that we engage with our clients and creative communication solutions we are able to offer. Fhulu enjoys solving problems in unique ways and
likes to see a project through from conception to the final product.

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