Add a ‘Zip Zap’ element to your corporate function in 2015

The Zip Zap performers (above) are ready to dazzle, sparkle and delight at your corporate event in 2015.

As many event organisers know, Cape Town offers some exquisite venues for corporate functions, however hosting an event at the same type of venue year after year may become monotonous for those who attend.

It’s always a challenge to find a venue that ticks all the boxes, AND offers something unique and special for the guests. It’s important for all companies looking for a venue to consider whether the venue uses local suppliers, and a bonus is if they contribute towards the upliftment of those in need in some way.

Cape Town’s very own social circus and internationally recognised, award winning Non-Profit Organisation (NPO), Zip Zap, falls perfectly into this category. Over the past 23 years Zip Zap has tackled poverty and unemployment in Cape Town, by teaching circus acts to aspiring youngsters in local impoverished areas. They also drive outreach programmes where they visit HIV treatment clinics and entertain and teach the children circus tricks while they wait in queues for their antiretroviral (ARV) medication.

The Zip Zap dome near the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) is the perfect central place to host corporate functions and is an ideal Corporate Social Investment (CSI) beneficiary.

“We teach circus skills in the greater Cape Town area, ensuring that high-risk youth have a place to go where they can fully express themselves through a creative outlet; keeping them away from a world of gangsterism and drugs,” explains Brent van Rensburg, Co-founder and Artistic Director of Zip Zap.

The Zip Zap dome can accommodate a maximum of 600 people with plenty of parking at the door step. “We give our best to our clients and we tailor our corporate function offering according to the specific business’ requirements. Should a more intimate setting be required, we have a screen that can be put up in order to limit the size of the dome”, says van Rensburg.

Hosting a corporate function at the Zip Zap dome guarantees a ‘Zip Zap’ element with pizazz that will leave the audience awestruck. Not only will attendees experience outstanding entertainment, but the business will also be making a direct contribution towards community upliftment as the entertainers come from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Zip Zap provides circus entertainment of international standards. Businesses are ensured a professional and problem-free organisation of their corporate events when they choose our dome to host their functions.

Zip Zap provides stage, audio and lighting equipment which removes the pain of running around for suppliers. Their ‘all-in-one’ package ensures a ‘headache-free’ event. “We wanted to organise something different from standard company functions…Nothing better than supporting a beautiful initiative like Zip Zap and offering at the same time a pure moment of joy for our employees, clients, friends and their families,” says Benoît Buron, AMT SA (Pty) Ltd.

A long-term partnership with a level 1 BBBEE organisation will raise your reputation as a business that cares, while ensuring that a trusted NPO can continue to tackle unemployment, transfer skills and educate high risk youth living in Cape Town.

For more information about Zip Zap Circus School, please contact 021 421 8622, email Brent on or visit the website and find us on Facebook

A new generation at Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2015

Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2015, presented by Old Mutual and Cape Media has been confirmed to take place on Friday, 20 March 2015 at Emperors Palace, Gauteng. ‘Millennial Generation’ is the 2015 theme where a new breed of young leaders with great minds will be honoured.

“Africa is swiftly adapting to the fast paced effects of globalisation where digital media has become imperative in day-to-day activities for corporates and in our social lives. This year, the convention will recognise the stars of a generation which grew up in the midst of technology and digital media,” says Greg Penfold, Events Division Manager at Cape Media.

Penfold adds, “Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2015 is where the cream of Africa’s Millennials will be gathering. It is an opportunity for corporate South Africa and the Public Sector that have played a pivotal role in shaping our economy to embrace and mentor the new generation as the key to future organisational success.”

This year’s speakers are inspirational, thought provoking and come from a variety of industries. Ghanaian software engineer and serial entrepreneur; Kenny Andam, young entrepreneur; Adii Pienaar and Paralympic South African swimmer and blogger; Emily Grey are among the exciting line up of speakers for the day. One of South Africa’s media veterans, Jeremy Maggs will host the event which is not to be missed. Attendees will be treated to a day of impeccable business networking opportunities with industry leaders that will contribute to their hunger for change and success.

“Old Mutual is proud to be associated with Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention as it speaks to our core business which is to enable those that come in contact with us to do great things. As the world changes, it is important to give our future leaders the necessary tools to navigate this new world,” says Bongani Madikiza, Managing Director of Old Mutual’s Mass Foundation Business. Madikiza continues to say that the knowledge and the relationships built during the convention are some of those tools needed by any leader.

“We are in search of ‘tomorrow’s leaders’ and are providing them this platform to shine, to network, to learn, to be inspired, to raise the bar personally and professionally, for themselves and for their companies,” adds Penfold.

Corporates and the public sector are encouraged to nominate individuals who are able to cope exceedingly well with everyday disruptions in business, and show high leadership aptitude. “You can nominate anyone you believe has implemented innovative measures in your organisation or community,” added Penfold. The nominees can either be employees of an organisation or young entrepreneurs with great leadership qualities. Nominees will be measured on qualities such as optimism, talent, influence and a clear understanding of the global economy, to name a few.

If you believe you have what it takes or know of a young a leader in the making who can be named ‘Tomorrow’s Leader’ then visit to submit your nomination. You have until 01 March 2015 to submit your nominations. To find out more about Tomorrow’s Leaders Convention 2015, the sponsors and speakers, please visit . For more information please contact Beverley Stone | +27 (0)21 681 7000 |

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Buying or selling property? Here’s how to choose the right estate agent for you

Property investment is one of the biggest, most exciting and daunting decisions people make in their lives. Your dreams can however, be shattered by using an unqualified and overzealous estate agent with one objective in mind – to speed up the transaction! So whether buying, selling or both, it is important to take the necessary steps that can make your investment transaction as easy as possible. Using the right estate agent can save you from making a bad property investment.

“When investing in property, save yourself the stress of finding, negotiating and buying by using suitable people – accredited real estate agents who listen to your needs,” says CEO of Realtors International Durbanville, Manja Kritzinger. Kritzinger warns buyers and sellers to be cautious of cowboy agents who ‘oversell,’ and shares her ‘C.A.R.E’ (Credibility, Accreditation, Research and Engage) points below to guide prospective homeowners and sellers on what to look out for when selecting an estate agent or agency.


Kritzinger defines a credible real estate agent as someone who is licensed or accredited to negotiate and arrange property sales, and someone who is visible and well-known in the community. Professionalism and integrity are also vital traits to look out for when selecting an estate agent. “Do some homework beforehand so that you can be certain all the facts your preferred estate agent gives you are verified,” says Kritzinger. Sometimes agents exaggerate statistics or what they have to offer in order to get your business. “A great starting point is to ask around in your community as word of mouth is still the best way to find a trustworthy estate agent that will have your best interest in mind,” guides Kritzinger.

Accreditation and references

In terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act (112 of 1976), every estate agent and estate agency must obtain a Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) from the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB). Ask your preferred estate agent to supply their FFC accreditation details for the current calendar year along with a list of contactable references. The references will also give you an indication of how busy the agent is and if they are a familiar face in the area. Remember that it is illegal for an estate agent to claim commission if they didn’t have a valid FFC at the time they rendered the services to you.

Research using different platforms

Kritzinger advises that once you have investigated relevant details about the estate agent, to verify these details through different online platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Hello Peter or even on Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) ( EAAB allows you to search and find full details of the registered agent or agency.


“It is critical for prospective homeowners to feel comfortable with their estate agent. Start engaging with them to determine whether they are the right fit and see if  they have the right attitude and approach to selling your property or helping you buy wisely,” comments Kritzinger. Ask as many questions as possible such as:

  • Exactly what is included in the sale?
  • What is the property worth in today’s market?
  • Is there a problem with the property?
  • How long has the property been on the market?
  • What aren’t you telling me?

Determine if the answers to these questions are true and reliable, but be cautious if the agent is overselling. Also be wary of agents that promise quick results or who inflate the listing price and give false testimonies about the property in question. “Be careful that your preferred agent is not only interested in the commission, but rather that they add valuable input to your decision,” concludes Kritzinger.

Visit the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa’s website at for more information about what constitutes an accredited estate agent or agency.

For more information about Realtors International Durbanville contact 021 975 5720 or visit Join Realtors International Durbanville’s Facebook page at

Architects and designers to set the pace for our cities’ future at Architecture ZA 2015

South Africa’s architecture and design fraternities will once again come together at one of Africa’s first and largest premier urban culture and design festivals, Architecture ZA 2015 (AZA2015), taking place from 24 – 26 September 2015 at The Sheds@1Fox in Newtown, Johannesburg. The South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) is proud to host this year’s conference in collaboration with the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (Gifa) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ). 

This year’s multi-faceted programme, themed Future City, brings together leading innovators and multi-disciplinary built environment practitioners from around the globe. Architects, urban planners and designers at all levels are invited to attend and participate in this broader, structured and more inclusive three-day event. Film festivals focused on design and engaging city tours are just some of the highlights attendees can also look forward to.

South African architects and designers will share experiences and perspectives with cutting-edge international practices, exploring ways to successfully negotiate the rapidly changing South African urban landscape. Attendees will have the opportunity to join open debates on key issues relating to cities and urban culture’s role and importance in shaping our modern world. The many challenges future cities face, particularly in South Africa, will also be discussed with ideas about how these can be overcome.

“The second decade of the 21st century heralds a dramatic new era where, for the first time, the majority of the world’s population will live in cities. This landmark trend towards almost unstoppable urbanisation will establish a new power relationship between the state and the city, which will drive business and politics in the future.  It will change the way in which humans live, interact and survive in a precarious yet challenging environment,” Daniel Silke, leading political analyst in South Africa, and invited speaker.

Daniel Van Der Merwe, President of the Gauteng Institute for Architecture (Gifa) says, “Architecture has a critical role to play in shaping our cities’ future. Architects are agents for social change and transformation as they have the power to create better lives through living spaces for all. Architects and designers are vital in providing liveable solutions for current and future generations.”

This highly acclaimed event, set to take place at The Sheds@1Fox in Newtown, will also be open to the public, which makes this venue a unique inner-city destination. The Gifa exhibition of Regional Institutes’ Awards for Architecture is geared to create interest amongst the public in search of South Africa’s finest architecture.

A Student Architecture Festival, hosted and organised by the University of Johannesburg, with exhibitions of the Des Baker Student Architecture Design Competition, the PPC Imaginarium Design Awards Exhibition and the Student Film Festival, will run concurrently alongside AZA2015 at The Sheds@1Fox. These much-anticipated events will be open to delegates and members of the public.

“The depth of knowledge to be shared, as well as the variety, vibrancy and energy of the festival, will make AZA2015 an event to enjoy and remember.  We encourage all architects and designers to diarise these events and leverage off the wealth of knowledge,” says Van Der Merwe.

AZA2015 is proudly sponsored by PPC Ltd. For more information about AZA2015, visit AZA2015 is also on Facebook (

Note to Editors:

AZA2015 follows the series of remarkably successful AZA festivals, the first of which was held in Johannesburg in 2010 followed by equally acclaimed festivals in 2012 and 2013 in partnership with the City of Cape Town and World Design Capital Cape Town 2014. Interactive presentations, workshops, exhibitions and film festivals are just some of the events that attracted over a thousand decision makers during past festivals.