Phishing Scam – Don’t Get Caught

Peninsula Beverage Company (PenBev), local bottler of The Coca-Cola Company’s products in the Western Cape are warning that Coca-Cola South Africa’s name is being incorporated fraudulently in a number of phishing scams and are urging the public not to get caught.

Consumers are being warned to be vigilant when it comes to receiving a short message service (SMS) or e-mail messages from individuals claiming to be from Coca-Cola, notifying the recipient that they have won money in lotteries.

Spokesperson for PenBev, Denise Green has confirmed that, “The Coca-Cola Company’s different brands and trademarks are being used without permission.” Green reiterated, “The Coca-Cola Company is in no way associated with any SMS’s or emails requesting sensitive information in order to redeem a prize. The Coca-Cola Company will never ask for confidential information such as an identification number or bank account details. We urge the public not to give out any personal details.”

Phishing fraudsters attempt to develop relationships with victims to obtain personal and financial information. Common signs that a message may be part of an email, SMS or phishing scam include the following:

  • Improper or unauthorized use of company trademarks; e.g. “World Coca-Cola Award Winner”, “The Coca-Cola Company Official Prize Notification”,  ”The Coca-Cola Mobile Draw,” “2013 Coca-Cola Promotion” or other similar titles;
  • Spelling and grammatical errors in the email;
  • Sender’s use of free, non-corporate email accounts (such as Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL and Hotmail);
  • Requests for personal information such as identification numbers or bank account numbers;
  • Promise of quick financial gain if such personal data is provided;
  • Official appearance including letterhead from a financial institution or the Company; and
  • Photos of Company executives, secret pin codes or reference ticket number with contact information for a Coca-Cola representative

If customers have fallen prey to a phishing scam the first step is to immediately discontinue all communication with the source and report it to the authorities.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Coca-Cola South Africa’s consumer affairs at or contact Denise Green at PenBev on Tel: 021 936 5585 or e-mail:

Cleaner, Greener and Healthier: the IWMSA’s vision for 2013

The Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA)’s main objective for 2013 is to unstintingly strive towards a cleaner and healthier environment by increasing their focus on education and training in the waste management field.    

Deidre Nxumalo-Freeman, President of the IWMSA says “The IWMSA believes firmly that continuous education in the arena of waste management is absolutely critical in achieving a cleaner and healthier environment for all in South Africa.  This includes education of our members as well as other private sector organisations and governmental agencies. Together, despite facing sometimes seemingly overwhelming challenges, we are determined to persevere in aiming for excellence in the management of all our country’s waste streams. We have seen encouraging and positive steps forward thanks to the dedication of our teams and committees who have persisted in consistent awareness-raising campaigns and training programmes. We are convinced that a greener, brighter environment is not only a possibility, but a certainty.

Nxumalo-Freeman continues, “This year, the IWMSA’s approach towards fulfilling our vision will be that of focusing on six specific portfolios.  We believe that each of these portfolios is supportive of the others and will ultimately result in a more unified and greater whole.

“Our six areas of focus are as follows:

  • to provide accredited education and training relevant to an organisation/municipalities’ needs that will result in high ethical conduct and standards in the waste industry;
  • to facilitate Government liaison with all spheres of Government;
  • to accredit our member organisations through the development of a model assessment standard/audit and to include mentorship as part of the package;
  • to involve the IWMSA in social responsibility opportunities such as school programs, supporting communities and providing assistance to those with existing programs resulting in a tangible grassroots impact.  We would like to see projects benchmarked and used by municipalities as well as small and micro enterprises;
  • to ensure that the IWMSA’s transformation policy is all-encompassing and that this has an influence on the needs of our members, and
  • to market and brand the IWMSA as an extension of our continuous communication portfolio.

“The IWMSA appreciates that feedback is highly valuable and we have numerous communication platforms where voices may be heard.  Besides the traditional methods of communication, we utilise social media extensively in order to maintain contact with our membership base and also to reach other industry professionals. The IWMSA can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter (@IWMSA) and we look forward to increased interaction with role players in the waste industry this year” concludes Nxumalo-Freeman.

The IWMSA is a non-profit organisation comprising a body of dedicated professionals in their respective fields, who give freely and voluntarily of their time and expertise in order to effectively educate, promote and further the science and practice of waste management.  For more information, visit:

Central University of Technology (CUT) Free State, truly a cut above the rest

Bloemfontein – It is that time of year when tertiary institutions welcome back their students and open their doors for the next academic year. Central University of Technology (CUT) did just that last week when their Welkom and Bloemfontein Campuses were officially opened by CUT Chancellor Dr Boet Troskie.  In line with being an innovative institution and setting the pace for other universities; CUT’s opening took the form of a ‘State-of-the-University’ address. Earlier in January students were encouraged to let Prof Thandwa Mthembu, CUT Vice Chancellor and Principal, know via social networking sites Facebook and Twitter what they wished him to focus on during his address.

The concept of a State-of-the-University Address is a CUT innovation, which was first started in 2012, and serves as an important platform to give an account to all CUT stakeholders on the university’s progress over the last year and affirm the institute’s vision for 2013 and beyond, including the strategic mobilisation programme, as informed by Vision 2020.

The address was presented by Mthembu who recommitted CUT to provide quality first-rate education that nurtures the various tangible and intangible talents, imparts high level skills and enhances the intellectual capabilities of our young people. The address also focused on demonstrating the university’s commitment to social and technological innovations for the socio-economic development of the central region of South Africa.

“Today is not just about opening the university, but a demonstration of public accountability to our students, their families, our staff, our stakeholders and partners,” continued Mthembu.

Only 17% of youngsters between the ages of 18 and 24 constitute all university students in South Africa. “The future of knowledge generation, innovation and wealth creation in this country is the shoulders of these young people; and beyond that, university of technology students, only make up about 3% of this 17%; making CUT students truly unique and part of the new generation university for the 21st century that focuses on innovation and high level skills for the workplace.

“CUT is committed to supporting our students’ educational endeavours. We see our role as a partnership with our students; we are well-equipped and poised to provide students with tools and an enabling environment in which they can flourish and achieve their own intellectual vision and career path. In return as part of the partnership, we require that the students also play their part by being determined, self-disciplined and diligent; and that they are hard and smart workers ready to master the subject matter of choice on which their future career will depend.

“We listen to the needs of our students and take to heart the recommendations and suggestions that they have. Over the past three years, approximately R 250 million has been invested in various key facilities for students through generous contributions from the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) and CUT Council towards this investment

“Our greatness and our idyllic place as this ISLE OF INNOVATION lies in our students’ discovery of knowledge and pursuit of truth through quality education, research and innovation, deep engagement with society, and value-adding strategic partnerships.

“We have anchored our vision in achieving this greatness – and look forward to walking the path with you and transforming our university, our region and our country to greater heights in the process, and endeavour to continue being a CUT above the rest ” concluded Mthembu.

For more information about CUT visit CUT is also on Facebook and Twitter (@cutfsonline)

Caption: Central University of Technology CUT, Free State, Chancellor Dr Boet Troskie. officially opened the academic year of the Welkom and Bloemfontein campuses at the end of last week. 

Caption: Central University of Technology (CUT, Free State’s academic year opening took the form of a ‘State-of-the-University’ address by Prof Thandwa Mthembu, CUT Vice Chancellor and Principal. The concept of a State-of-the-University Address is a CUT innovation, which was first started in 2012, and serves as an important platform to give an account to all CUT stakeholders on the university’s progress over the last year and affirm the institute’s vision for 2013 and beyond, including the strategic mobilisation programme, as informed by Vision 2020.

Photographer: Irvin Howard

More about CUT

CUT is a leader in many technology fields ranging from learning programmes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) a broad field in which CUT has about 45% of its enrolments, much higher than many other South African universities. Further, CUT’s research and innovation leadership in many areas, more especially in rapid prototyping and manufacturing is world class. The latter has been honoured by both the Medical Research Council (MRC) as part of its National Medical Device Platform and the National Research Foundation (NRF), with the latter having granted CUT a Chair in this area. Through its social and technological innovations CUT aims to contribute towards the social-economic development in the region as well as in the rest of South Africaand internationally.

Vision 2020 – by 2020, CUT, Free Sate shall be an engaged university that focuses on producing quality social and technological innovations in socio-economic developments, primarily in the central region of South Africa.

For more information about CUT visit

Driving Competitive Advantage in the Green Economy – 14 February 2013

Businesses know that in order to stay ahead of the pack, green initiatives are the order of the day; however very few have any idea where to start investing and how this will give them a competitive edge.

Lloyd Macfarlane, Director at Alive2Green has indicated that this is exactly what is going to be addressed at this year’s third annual Green Business Seminar that will be taking place in Ekurhuleni on 14 February 2013. Experts in the field of “Greening” and sustainable operations will address these questions and guide companies on how to set themselves apart in the much needed green economy.

“We look forward to sharing knowledge and strategies that are used by companies to remain environmentally responsible while continuing to drive competitive advantage in their respective industries,” explains Macfarlane.

“Experts and leaders in the green economy will be guiding the events presentations and panel discussions. We’ll also be introducing modules which will encourage dialogue around the sustainability of their business practices, which will also demonstrate leadership, strategy, and ethical reporting.

“We’ll also share ideas on how delegates can develop and grow their new, environmentally responsible organisation. Guidelines for sustainable operations, products and, and leveraging strategies will also be discussed,” explains Macfarlane.

This will be the third Green Business Seminar. Alive2Green started the series for Sustainability Week in June 2012 to demystify the notion of Green Business and encourage organisations to choose environmentally sustainable practices.

For more information contact: Tel: 021 447 4733 or e-mail: and visit